(SW5) Image Processing and Analysis for Microscopy

Please join us for a full day hands-on workshop on image processing for microscopy. The morning will cover general image processing fundamentals focusing primarily on open-source software FIJI/ImageJ and CellProfiler. The afternoon session will allow people to join topical groups covering a range of different image processing (including scripting and batch processing, multi-dimensional visualization, colocalization, decovolution).

  • The workshop will be combination of morning lectures and hands-on training – please bring your laptops for the hands-on portions – more information to come for attendees.
  • Multi-dimentional imaging data will be made available for training purposes. Attendees are encouraged to submit/bring their own images and processing challenges.

The format will be three seminal talks in the morning with five (5) hands-on stations that participants will rotate through in 75 minute intervals for the rest of the day. It is intended for imaging core directors and imaging scientists that are interested in the image processing and analysis pipelines in a shared environment. Participation should be limited to 25 individuals.

Mark Sanders, University of Minnesota

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