(SW1) Data Independent Acquisition in Practice: Foundations and Resources for Implementing DIA

Proteomics researchers are realizing the promise of Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA), but there is a need to lower the barriers to adoption by developing best practices using a common sample. Due to its multitude of options, DIA methods vary from lab to lab. In its 2017/2018 study, the ABRF Proteomics Research Group (PRG) identified the need for a go-to resource that provides information about sample processing, data acquisition and data analysis for new users interested in DIA studies.  This need motivated the PRG to undertake a further study along these lines in 2018/2019. This workshop will facilitate in-depth discussion of the PRG study results, and provide practical demonstrations utilizing diverse DIA data sets as well as those created during the PRG study.

Pratik Jagtap
Yan Wang
Benjamin Neely