Poster Categories

ABRF Poster Categories:

  • Core Administration: Management, Process Improvement, Software Tools, Shared Facility Expertise, Best Practices, Mentoring, Career Development, etc.
  • Trending Topics: Flow Cytometry, Antibodies, Statistics, Bio-IT, Bioinformatics, 3D Printing, All Other
  • Genomics: Single cell, Metagenomics, Sequencing, Gene Editing, CRISPR/CAS, Biomarkers, Microarray, Software, etc.
  • Imaging: Confocal, Light Microscopy, Small Animal Imaging, Electron Microscopy, Developing Applications, etc.
  • Mass Spectrometry: Protein analysis, Protein Sequencing, Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Glycomics, Carbohydrate analysis, Biomarkers, Software, etc.

**Note:  Core Facility posters should be submitted in the associated topic area.

Core Facilities Submission Criteria:

Core Facilities posters should be aimed at promoting scientific discovery or enriching the core or laboratory setting. Core Facilities posters must provide data or measurements that support the conclusions. Any poster focused on marketing a core facility or company (e.g. presenting an inventory of services or equipment) will not be accepted.

Recommended Core Facilities poster topics include:

  1.   Development of a novel technique or modification to a previously implemented protocol
  2.   Implementation details of a new workflow, protocol or standard operating procedure
  3.   A quantitative evaluation of a core's impact on the institute it serves

A well written and correctly formatted example of a Core Facilities abstract presented by Johnson et al in J Biomol Tech v.24(2); Jul 2013 (doi:  10.7171/jbt.13-2402-003) can be found at

 Poster Instructions will be available soon!

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