Plenary Session I (Genomics) - Big Data and Health

Sridar Chittur


Analysis of Health Using Advanced Technologies


Recent technological advances as well as longitudinal monitoring not only have the potential to improve the treatment of disease (Precision Medicine) but also empower people to stay healthy (Precision Health). We profiled 107 participants using multiomics (genomics, immunomics, transcriptomics, proteomics metabolomics and microbiomics etc) and wearable technologies for up to eight years and made 67 major health discoveries. We have also invented ways to measure the airborne exposome at high resolution and found the people are routinely exposed to 1000s of biologicals and chemicals. Altogether, we conclude that deep longitudinal profiling using advanced technologies can lead to actionable health discoveries and provide important information relevant for precision health.

  • Michael Snyder
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    Stanford University School of Medicine