Concurrent Scientific Session (Core Administration): Mentoring Approaches in Varied Professional Environments


Mentoring approaches in varied professional environments


Mentoring is a powerful tool for career development, across career-stages, disciplines, and industries. Skilled workplace mentoring can create more effective employees, increase career satisfaction, help with employee retention, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. But who chooses the Mentors, and where do the Mentees come from? How do mentoring programs vary in structure and goals from one place to another? Is formal structure even necessary? What are the benefits to mentoring outside one’s organization? These are some of the questions that this session will address. Along with an update on the ABRF mentoring program, a panel of speakers representing a variety of disciplines and industries will share their experience with mentoring initiatives in a variety of environments. The goal of this session is to generate ideas and discussion about what works and why mentoring programs are worth the investment.

  • Laura Lewis-Tuffin
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    Mayo Clinic