An International Symposium of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

Plenary Speakers


Leonard P. Freedman, PhD

"Know Thy Cells:
Improving Biomedical Research Reproducibility"


Elaine R. Mardis, PhD

"Cancer Genomics:
Discovery to Clinical Translation"


Luke D. Lavis, PhD

"The Chemistry of Color:
Illuminating Biological Systems with Fluorescence"


Neil L. Kelleher, PhD

"Exporting Top Down Mass Spectrometry to become a Robust Option for Efficient Characterization of Protein Primary and Quaternary Structure"

Nothing Beats Being Here - ABRF 2016


ABRF 2016 Annual Meeting

Sun, Sand and Science!

What could be better than warm sunny weather in February, sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and cutting edge science that will define the 2016 annual meeting of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF).

The meeting theme is Innovative Technologies Accelerating Discovery, with lectures describing new, innovative technologies, how these technologies are driving discovery, the associated benefits to diagnosis and treatment of diseases and ideas to improve the efficiencies at which core facility resources operate.

The ABRF annual meeting is the premier conference for core facility professionals and representatives from technology and instrumentation companies. Few other meetings bring together representatives from such diverse technologies with the sole focus on improving the technologies that support high-impact science in a core facility setting.

We will have four focused tracks in administration, genomics, imaging and proteomics, with a fifth track dedicated to new and other innovative technologies. There will be ample social opportunities to connect with colleagues, expand networking and meet with commercial partners who will be highlighting the newest technologies, applications and reagents that allow our core facilities to provide cutting edge services.

Please plan on joining us for what will be an exciting meeting in a spectacular venue!

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Who Should Attend

Not just OMICS!

ABRF is expanding in new directions making it the must-attend meeting for core facility professionals of all disciplines. Highlights of the ABRF annual meeting include scientific sessions and workshops that allow presenters and attendees to explore and discuss in-depth critical scientific and technical issues encountered in biomolecular core facilities. Featured plenary sessions bring to light the discoveries made possible through core facilities and provide a preview of new technologies that will drive future discovery.

The meeting features three main scientific tracks (proteomics, genomics, light microscopy/imaging) and an administrative track (management, professional development and compliance/regulatory issues). We are including an additional track devoted to special sessions that focus on bioinformatics, flow cytometry, monoclonal antibodies and other technologies available through core facilities.

Research Groups of ABRF spanning all core technologies will be engaged in developing meeting content, whether by presenting the latest results of studies aimed at gauging the effectiveness of new technologies and methodologies in real laboratory settings, or by hosting scientific session to further emphasize aspects of their technology.

Poster sessions and vendor exhibits will provide ample opportunity for interactions with scientists, company representatives and core managers.

The ABRF Conference again ranked number one by a GenomeWeb survey in the "Technology/Instrumentation" meeting category.

If your work intersects with core facilities, then this is the meeting you don't want to miss!