(SW7) ABRF-NRMN Mentorship

Workshop Sponsors:


Sunday, April 22

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Mentor-Mentee Training for the ABRF-NRMN Mentoring Program

Abstract: This workshop will be led by Dr. Rick McGee, Professor of Medical Education and Faculty Development at Northwestern University. He brings the perspectives of 20 years as a basic scientist, followed by 20+ years designing, leading and doing NIH-funded research on the development of young scientists. His work emphasizes collaborating, communicating, and conducting research across disciplines, and accelerating professional development. The workshop will provide in-depth training for mentors and mentees participating in, or planning to participate in, the ABRF-NRMN Mentoring Program. Dr. McGee is affiliated with the National Research Mentorship Network (NRMN) which is built upon extensive experience in evidence-based training. The workshop will be structured using the established methods NRMN uses for teaching the core elements and skills of effective mentor-mentee relationships. The NRMN trainings use structured cases that target areas of need and improvement for the program to be incorporated into training. The workshop will generate action plans for mentors to implement with their mentees during the ABRF regular meeting and in their ongoing mentoring relationships. Mentees will learn goal setting and objectives that will provide benefits personally and professionally.

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