An International Symposium of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

(SW4) Introduction to Statistical Methods for Life Scientists

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Olga Vitek, Northeastern University
Olga Vitek, Northeastern University
Meena Choi, Northeastern University
Ting Huang, Northeastern University
Workshop overview:
This course introduces the basics of applied statistics to experimentalists with no or limited prior statistical background. It will have a lecture component, and a hands-on practical component using the open-source programming language R. No prior exposure to R or any other programming language is required.

The lectures will first introduce concepts of statistical experimental design, that are key for designing reproducible investigations. We will then discuss the principles of statistical modeling and inference. The topics will include summarization of data in form of confidence intervals or fold changes, and testing analytes for changes between conditions and reporting p-values.

The exercises will use R to illustrate the steps of statistical analysis, and to develop documentation to ensure reproducible results. When possible, examples will use case studies from transcriptomic and proteomic research. The participants should bring their own computers, with the most recent version of R installed from

Bremer & Doerge. “Using R at the Bench”, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2015
Dies, Barr & Cetinkaya-Rundel. “Introductory Statistics with Simulation and Randomization”. OpenIntro, 2014

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