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Combining Diverse Technologies to Solve Biomedical Problems

ABRF 2013 will explore a new trend that combines expertise from a number of disciplines focused on solving problems
in biomedical research. Modern life science core laboratories, with their inherent technological diversity, have contributed
to the Convergence Science concept for a long time. From detailed single molecule analyses to large –omics studies,
ABRF members continue to be a driving force in advancing methods for translational science.

Join us at the premier conference for biomolecular technologies in beautiful Palm Springs, California!


Poster Abstracts Available Online! 
We are excited to announce that over 130 posters will be presented at the conference this year. Poster abstracts are available for viewing or download now. In an effort to be more sustainable, these abstracts will no longer be included in the printed program book. We encourage you to review the abstracts and print them out before you arrive to Palm Springs, if you'd like a copy.

Plenary Speakers
ABRF is excited to announce our world-class plenary speakers for ABRF2013 - Drs. Larry Nagahara, Benjamin Cravatt
and Jay Shendure. Learn more about them by clicking here.

ABRF Annual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Biomolecular Technologies
The ABRF 2013 Annual Award will be presented Monday, March 4, 2013, to Drs. Leonard and Leonore Herzenberg in recognition of their pioneering work in the development of the fluorescence-activated cell sorter and the application of
flow cytometry and cell sorting to the study of the immune system.

Do you work in a core facility or life sciences research laboratory?
Are you involved with the administration, operations and management of shared resources?
Are you a scientist intrigued by cutting-edge technologies and applications that can advance your research?
Are you a manufacturer of instrumentation, reagents or software used in biomolecular laboratories?

If so, then ABRF 2013 is the meeting you don't want to miss!

One of the notable aspects of ABRF 2013 will be the inclusion of a series of concurrent tracks that will allow presenters and attendees to explore and discuss, in depth, critical scientific, technical and administrative issues faced in the areas of:
  • Genomics: hot topics to include next-generation sequencing, clinical genomics and tools and resources for analyzing genomic datasets
  • Proteomics: cutting-edge sessions discussing epigenetic mechanisms, molecular interactomics, biomarkers and large data sets
  • Light Microscopy: highlighting super-resolution, image processing and fluorescent probes
  • Core Facility Administration: discuss current issues, strategies and solutions relevant to core management and operations
At the meeting, Core Facility Directors, Staff Scientists, Researchers, Administrators and Industry Partners will convene
to present their latest research, technologies and products that form the base of Convergence Science. Join us at the premier conference for biomolecular technologies in beautiful Palm Springs, California.